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Extrusions for designers and engineers

You may be at the idea stage of a problem with plastics or at the design stage. In fact, you may have already completed the engineering and have produced the model itself. Problems in engineering plastic extrusions are not limited to the idea or design stage, but whenever they arise, a call to Lakeland Plastics is a step in the right direction.

Lakeland Plastics has been in the custom extrusion business since 1962 delivering unsurpassed quality. We have provided sound engineering and design assistance to companies like yours, helping to solve problems with plastic extrusions. We, at Lakeland Plastics, are sure you’ll benefit from our experience in:

Custom extrusions and dual-extrusions of thermoplastic materials to the tolerances and quality requirements you specify. Up to date extrusion machines with modern conveying and cutting equipment provide the efficiency and economy needed to produce your parts.

Inspection and Quality Control
Your parts are under continuous inspection as they are extruded and are subjected to a final quality control inspection before being shipped to you. Continuous SPC reporting is available. We stand behind all our extrusions.

Twenty-four hour a day production helps us meet your scheduling requirements. Lakeland can also meet your J.I.T. requirements as well!

We have facilities and equipment to perform operations such as, continuous printing, cutting to length, punching, center-less grinding to exact tolerances, silk screening, drilling and forming. Weigh counting and packaging services are also available.

Our Autocad trained engineering staff is ready to assist you in the development of a new project or the improvement of an existing one. Material selection is an integral part of our engineering services.

Dies for tubing from 0.050” I.D. to 1 1/2” O.D. are generally available from stock. Other dies for rods, strips and some shapes are available. New dies are made in our own toolroom, with quick turnaround, our specialty.

Selections for All Plastics
Lakeland Plastics, Inc. offers industry a variety of selections to choose from.

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